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I am a London-based photographer originally from Derry in Ireland. My passion for photography started over 30 years ago when my interest in watching and photographing car rallying first put a camera in my hand. In the last few years have I have renewed this passion  to grow, develop and share my interest in photography. I maintain a diverse portfolio that aims to bring out the character and best of the places I visit - near and far - as well as my other hobby of sailing. I particularly love landscape photography around the west coast of Ireland and photographing the diverse range of animals on the land, in the air and on the water. My most recent photos are available on Twitter and Instagram using the links on the footnote.


I know that many people are interested in the gear people use for photographs so I've listed below what I am currently and previously used:

Body: Canon EOS R6, Canon EOS5D Mk4, Canon EOS5D Mk 2

Lenses: Canon RF15-35mm f2.8L, RF50mm f1.8, RF70-200mm f2.8L, RF800mm f11 and a range of EF L lenses.

Tripod: Manfroto

Photo Editing: Lightroom 


If you wish to use my photos in a publication, for promotional activities or for any other purpose then please email me using the CONTACT form.​​ All images copyright (c) Ciaran Kelly. All rights reserved. No unauthorised use.

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